Alberta Adventure Couple’s Session│Hope + Kyle

It’s hard to beat this Alberta adventure couple’s session if you’re looking for the dreamiest couple’s photos ever. Hope and Kyle were on actual fire during this entire photoshoot, and it was so much fun to capture. We started the session off during golden hour in the prettiest field of tall grass and wildflowers. The pair danced and cuddled and laughed the entire time, it was adorable. We even played around with a mirror as a prop, and those came out super cool!

Before the sun set even more, Hope and Kyle hopped into the blue vintage Mustang they brought along. These photos turned out to be some of my favorites ever, so definitely scroll and check them out! We drove around a bit before settling on a spot in the middle of the road, surrounded by trees. The headlights came on as the last bits of light left the sky, and we spent the rest of the session playing in the light. It was the best.

I loved capturing this Alberta adventure couple’s session. For more adventure session inspiration, check out this Drumheller camper engagement session I shot last year.

March 23, 2023

Michelle Larmand

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