for your never-ending adventure

A documenter, storyteller & memory weaver

You’re tying the knot and screaming your love from the mountaintops, ready to say ‘I do’ to one of life’s epic adventures: marriage.

To love and be loved is a rare magic - whatever you and your numero uno have got planned, I’m SO in!

As you and your soulmate explore the light and the dark hand in hand, your story is one of a kind. Whether you’re dreaming of a small wedding or whirlwind elopement, it’d be my honour to be your photographer! Celebrating the logic-defying reason that’s brought you two together, I’m an Edmonton wedding and elopement photographer who’ll travel anywhere and everywhere for love. 

More than some rando behind a camera, I’ll be the facilitator of your wild adventure. Authentically capturing your unfiltered emotions as they unfold - the exhilaration, the teary, the radiance, the messy, and all the blissful in-between moments - we’ll artfully write your story and craft your memories, getting a little dirty in the process. Windswept hair, raindrops on cheeks, and dusty feet, all that matters is your beating heart and an experience you’ll cherish for an eternity. 

Excited as ever, your soon-to-be wedding/ elopement photographer



Hand on heart,

Hand on heart,

Hand on heart,

Tickling your fancy? Let the festivities begin! 

Your wedding stylist advisor, timeline planner, tissue holder, rogue eyelash fixer, tie straightener, party hyper, drink pourer, and confidante, think of me as your Wedding Whisperer and self-appointed Maid of Honour...I’m yours for all the things!

I’ll be more than your chosen photographer. 

Capturing moments that tell your story - the funny, awkward, intimate, and romantic - I want to get to know you and your lover beyond the surface level. Rather than snapping pics on the sidelines without any rhyme or reason, we’ll go deeper than small talk to nurture a truly meaningful connection so I can understand everything that matters most to you as a couple.

Effortlessly syncing with kindred spirits, I want to learn all about your unique love story, your love languages, the tale behind your grandmother’s heirloom ring...right down to the simplest stuff like your favourite flower or colour. Obsessed (but in a non-creepy way), I’ll be your documenting third wheel from golden sunrise to moonlit dusk. 

Combining all of these real, raw, and authentic elements, I’ll make sure you feel amazing and comfortable on your special day. From whispered inside jokes to big belly laughs, we’ll craft a story that encapsulates your unfiltered emotions and memorializes the beginning of your loved-up forever.

For the wildly in love and intrepid explorers, head in the clouds and feet on the dusty earth, let’s embrace the crazy and go on a colourful adventure together.

“Traversing life’s most divine and greatest adventure: marriage”


Human connection, travel, and photography make up the beautiful combination that inspires me to keep creating. Relishing the real and embracing the unknown, there’s a sense of extraordinary wonder in everything. 

From dusk to dawn, the gentle slopes of the Banff mountains to the coasts of Croatia, I’ll adventure anywhere with you and your soulmate. Through tall grass, rolling hills, prairie fields, and quiet streams, your unwavering connection sets the scene and completes the picture.

Like a page out of a fantasy or historical romance novel, we’ll live out your daydream and get a little lost in a whirlwind of joy together. 

Your vision is my inspiration, your love is my motivation. A stolen kiss, a tender touch, a genuine spark, let’s capture the magic that’s brought your wandering souls together

“I hope our paths intertwine in this wonderful world we live in”


Driven by your authenticity and the intimacy of your soulful connection, I don’t follow a pre-planned script or force you into awkward poses. 

With a documentary approach, it’s all about chasing the feeling and capturing your natural movement, creating a space where you and your lover can just be. Capturing the intimate, adventurous, fun, silly, and unexpected moments between you and your love, the magic is in the little details, the perfectly imperfect snippets in time.

Feeling a little anxious about being in front of the camera? I pinky swear there’ll never be an uncomfortable moment - except for when my clumsiness takes over and I trip over a branch or fall into the bushes while trying to line up a shot, or when I start laughing so hard that no sound comes out and I sound like an old man...joke’s on me! I’ll do anything to ease your nerves and make you giggle

“No scripts or pre-planned poses, celebrating you and your love just the way you are”


A serial daydreamer and always curious, I have so many favourite things! But before I waffle on, big shout out to my best friend (and #1 member of the Michelle Larmand fan club), Shane - though we’ve been married for 12 years and counting, I’m endlessly obsessed with this man! You’ll always find us renovating our ‘60s bungalow, exploring the outdoors, or planning our next getaway...Trust me, I keep him busy!

Keeping my sanity and crazy clumsiness in check, I love a good Pilates and yoga sesh. Got to stay limber so I can keep getting in awkward positions to photograph my awesome couples, haha. Undoing all the burnt calories, I’m also a huge sucker for Mexican food and copious amounts of chocolate.

Obsessed with all things fashion and styling, I’ll always have a soft spot for sustainable, eco-friendly brands. If you ever need wardrobe advice for our photoshoot, hit me up!

If I’m not roping Shane into yet another binge-fest of old ‘90s to 2000s TV series like Dawson’s Creek or Felicity, you’ll probably catch me curled up with a fantasy/teen book that sends my imagination wild. 

And there you have it, that’s a lil’ sneak peek into my life outside of my photographic adventures...I can’t wait to hear about your fav things!

“Late-night fantasy reads, fuelled by chocolate, will always be my happy place”


Michelle is absolutely wonderful!!!!  She captured us as a couple perfectly. There wasn't one photo that we didn't love. Michelle was easy to work with and made us both feel so comfortable in front of the camera. 


I can say with full confidence that working with Michelle and Shane immortalized our memories in the best possible light. They both understand the technical aspects that make for great photographs and they have invested in professional-grade camera equipment that allows them to flex their creativity and still present highly refined portraits.


At first, we were skeptical about the necessity of engagement pictures but Michelle offered very useful insight and positive points for having an engagement session. Trust her, she's right! And we are really happy we did them. Our wedding day was seamless with Michelle. 


Whether you are looking for boudoir, engagement or wedding day photos, Michelle is THE photographer to have. She did all of the above for my husband and I plus a day after session. We got so many photos that were all superior quality which we will cherish forever.



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Visual poetry for the mountain lovers, tall grass wanderers, and dusk dreamers. Blissful memories to celebrate your effortless romance. 


With warm hearts, let’s journey the unknown and capture the wild love you call home.