Our story

We are Michelle and Shane Larmand - an Edmonton wedding photography duo! We love what we do. Check out a quick snap shot of how we reached where we are today.

Michelle loves photography since childhood. She takes pictures everywhere. She meets Shane. Shane to gets a degree in Education. Michelle goes to school for a year in Technologies. They get married! Michelle is inspired by her wedding photographer! Michelle Larmand Photography begins!

We are wanderlust photographers who find beauty in all things! We love to travel together! We love music, shane is a musician! Michelle loves styling - shane let's Michelle pick his wardrobe! Shane loves comics – Michelle thinks he’s a geek! Michelle loves this geek.

We've brought a combination of all of these elements to our sessions for 7.5 years! The fresh approach of the traveller, the styling eye, the organization of the educator, the quirkiness of the geek, and the fun energy of the rock n’ roller! We believe these little quirks couples share is like your own personal language and that is what we'd love to document!

This is what we do. This is who we are. Most importantly we want to tell a story. And you are the story. So come find that perfect light with us and we will capture you just as you are.

Michelle and Shane

Our work has been Featured in Blush Magazine, Rock n' roll Bride, Glamour and Grace, Love in the Rockies and Yeg Wed!

P.S. Some of our about us images where taken by Amy Senecal Photography, Jimena Roquero Photography Hope Nicole Photography.

We shoot for 3 primary goals with our photos - action, emotion and variety.


We want to keep you and your wedding party moving and having a good time. We are looking for a ton of laughter and real smiles! We strive to make the day as individual and unique you are as a couple!

The end result is some authentic images of you on your special day.


We also want you capture how you felt throughout the events of your special day!

After we complete the ceremony, family pictures and bridal party shots, Michelle makes sure to have ample time with just the special couple – capturing fantastic images of your love on your wedding day.

Don’t worry, after you have done your engagement session with us, you won’t be too shy feeling mushy in front of the camera


We want you to see your wedding day from many different perspectives! We provide 2 professional photographers who take pictures in very interesting ways. We love particulars such as specific details of your day, interesting angles and compositions, and of course – candid shots of your family and guests!