Geek gets girl! Our story

We are Michelle and Shane Larmand - an Edmonton wedding photography duo! We love what we do. Check out a quick snap shot of how we reached where we are today.

Michelle loves photography since childhood. She takes pictures everywhere. She meets Shane. Shane to gets a degree in Education. Michelle goes to school for a year in Technologies. They get married! Michelle is inspired by her wedding photographer! Michelle Larmand Photography begins!

We are wanderlust photographers who find beauty in all things! We love rock n’ roll! Shane provides a rockin’ live band/DJ service – he’s been a musician for over 20 years! Michelle loves to dance – Shane has two left feet! Michelle loves fashion – Shane lets Michelle pick his wardrobe. Shane loves comics – Michelle thinks he’s a geek! Michelle loves this geek.

We've brought a combination of all of these elements to our sessions for 7 years! The fresh approach of the traveller, the eye of the "fashionista", the organization of the educator, the quirkiness of the geek, and the fun energy of the rock n’ roller! We’d love to get to know what make you unique as a couple and showcase that in your images.

This is what we do. This is who we are. Most importantly we want to tell a story. And you are the story. So come find that perfect light with us and they’ll capture you just as you are.

Michelle and Shane

Our work has been Featured on Glamour and Grace and Yeg Wed!

P.S. Some of our about us images where taken by Amy Senecal Photography.

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Come on in and grab a cup of coffee or tea. Let’s exchange stories and get to know one another better! I’d love to hear more about you as a couple! Where did you two meet, where was your first date, how did he propose? What’s your favorite song and TV show? Tell me more about your wedding day vision and the hopes and dreams for your marriage. What are you most excited about?

We believe it’s important we are compatible as we are there front and center for your big day capturing all the important moments and everything in between. The more comfortable we are around one another, the better the experience and images will be! We believe photography is part skills, part technique and part collaboration. Let’s make some unforgettable memories together and become friends along the way!